Easing the Aches and Pains of a Desk Job with Hot Yoga

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An inevitable part of working in an office is sitting at a desk for a long period of time and – bad news alert – it’s not good for our health. The rigidity of staying in the same position for hours on end causes our body to stiffen. This is most felt in the neck and shoulders, which tend to crane forward and hunch while we stare at the computer screen. The situation is worse if you’re someone who crosses their legs, because this not only impedes circulation, but it also unevenly distributes pressure, and can cause back pain.

Another problem is the underuse of your muscles, especially your abdominals. Muscles are there to support the body and if they’re not used, they will shrink away. Moreover, when you do come to use them, they’ll scream out in pain. So, truly the problem of modern life isn’t being a coach potato, it’s being a desk potato. Apart from quitting your job, however, what can you do to mend the damage? Enter hot yoga.

Why Yoga is so Beneficial

Yoga is a good form of exercise for anyone, regardless of age or ability. It’s great for office workers because it fights against the stiffening that can result after a long day of sitting in the same position. The focus on stretching and strengthening muscles directly combats the damage accrued during the workday.

Certain positions can be used to tackle problem areas, such as a stiff neck or an achy back. If you’re experiencing pain in a specific region, have a word with the yoga instructor before class. By pinpointing exactly where is giving you trouble, they’ll be able to recommend a healing yoga move. Given how friendly and relaxed the classes are, they’ll likely incorporate it into the session too.

Why Turn up the Heat?

Hot yoga not only turns up the heat on a yoga session, it turns up the benefits! The warm room heats your muscles and allows them to more flexible, thus enabling you to work deeper and progress faster.

The heated room means your heart has to pump harder to keep you cool providing a much higher resting heart rate. Just standing still in a warmer room is good for your heart.

Maximise Your Workout

Another reason why hot yoga is so great is our 60 minutes sessions are fast and effective. Your time is precious and hot yoga 60 mins is a great workout in a short amount of time.

The Hot Yoga Checklist:

Cardio workout ✔

Skin cleansed ✔

Deep stretch ✔

Metabolism boosted ✔

Rejuvenated organs ✔

Hormones balanced ✔

Lungs capacity increased ✔

Joints lubricated ✔


Check our class timetable here www.hotyogaclub.co.uk – get ready to change your life.